Oakwood School is a government school which was created to enrol students who have stopped attending school. The school operates over a range of sites across the Southern, South-East and Mornington Peninsula areas.


We are very proud of our work and regularly receive amazing feedback from our students, families and other people working with and supporting our students. We use three words to describe our work: Learning, respect and empowerment.

As a school our focus in on student learning and our students continually tell us how much they have learnt at Oakwood School. Further to this, our students demonstrate to us that through their success with learning they feel empowered to pursue a future, that prior to Oakwood School, they were unable to even dream about.

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We believe that all students should be able to thrive in mainstream school however we know that for a small percentage of students this is not always possible. Oakwood School provides opportunities for secondary school aged students who have disengaged from school or where a mainstream school learning environment is seen to be inappropriate to meet the young person’s needs

The background of students at Oakwood School is diverse but they have in common the experience of trauma in their lives through for example, violence, family breakdown and associated mental health issues. Often young people have not engaged in learning as a result of chronic anxiety, or specific learning or language difficulties.

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Discover Oakwood School’s campuses in Noble Park, Caulfield Park, Frankston, Chelsea, and more. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment that enables young people to reconnect with teachers and learning as embodied in Oakwood’s intent of “Learning, Respect and Empowerment.

Enrolments are taken throughout the year and interested students, parents and guardians are invited to contact the school for more information or to arrange an interview.

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Stay up to date with the latest news and exciting events happening at Oakwood School. Discover inspiring stories, important updates, and upcoming activities that showcase the vibrant life of our school community. Join us in celebrating achievements, milestones, and the collective spirit of Oakwood School.

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Oakwood School,
Noble Park
1-13 Camellia Ave,
Noble Park North VIC 3174

Email: oakwood.sch.noble.park@education.vic.gov.au
Phone Number: 03 9703 7400

Empowering Education for All

Oakwood School is a government school committed to student success. Our innovative program focuses on learning, respect, and empowerment. Join us at Oakwood School and witness the transformative power of education.